NOTE:This page only contains print logos.

1903–1928 (primary), 1928-present (secondary)

Crayola 1934 logo

This logo is still used on some tins.


Crayola 1928 Logo


Crayola 1930 to 1934 logo




Crayola 1940

1950–1967 (primary), 1967-1972 (secondary)

Crayola 1944

1967–1983 (primary), 1983-1989 (secondary)

Crayola 1980s logo

In 1967, Crayola changed its font, and the 'rayola' part changed to lowercase. This logo has never been used on crayon wrappers until 1972.


Crayola 1992

In the late 1980s, Crayola changed font again and blacked the logo. This logo stopped being used on boxes and advertisements in 1997 but remained on the products themselves until 1999. The next one which is a color version of this logo is from 1997. This Crayola logo is still exists on some crayon wrappers in the 1997 box, so big crayons, and kids first crayons. And also this still exists on some older Crayola crayon boxes. This logo stopped being used on Crayon wrappers in 2006.

1997–2002 (primary), 2002-2005 (secondary)

Crayola logo

In January 1997, Crayola added a rainbow colored under line under the logo, the logo turned green and added a lighter gradient. This logo stopped being used on crayon wrappers (except the FX series ones) in 2009, but it is still used on glue and scissors. This logo can still be found on some used boxes, some used toys, and some flash games (including Fireworks Spectacular). This logo has appeared in standard color crayon wrappers from 1997-2009.



In 2002, Crayola introduced a new and friendly-looking logo. This logo assisted of a yellow oval with a yellow oval with green outline, and the green text (just like the previous logo), and a rainbow smile under the text. This logo had many variations over the years. The introduction of this logo is possibly due to the 1997 Crayola logo frowning.