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The name "COMPAQ" was said to be derived from "Compatibility and Quality" but this explanation was an afterthought. The name was chosen from many suggested by Ogilvy and Mather; it being the name least rejected.



2007–2013, 2007-present (International)

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After HP's merge with Compaq in mid-2002 (it was first planned back in September 2001), May 2007 saw the Compaq brand receive a dramatic overhaul, which was first seen on its Presario V6000 laptops[1]. Notebooks under the Compaq brand was no longer produced since mid-2013, when it was re-branded as HP 2000 series notebooks (which happened back in 2010). This took effect until 2012, when Compaq was fully merged with HP and its final notebook was introduced in mid-2013. The brand is currently active outside the U.S. today.

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