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Comcast SportsNet



Comcast SportsNet was first launched on October 1, 1997.


Comcast SportsNet old

In December 1999, Comcast SportsNet's logo was modified to include the 1999 Comcast logo of the era. This also led to the addition of the city name below the logo.


Comcast SportsNet logo

In 2008, Comcast SportsNet debuted it's new logo, which is based on the logo of its sister network, SportsNet New York.


Comcast SportsNet 2012

In early September 2012, the NBC peacock was added to the existing Comcast SportsNet logo, in recognition of its affiliation with NBC Sports due to Comcast's purchase of NBC Universal.

NBC Sports Regional Networks

NBC Sports Regional Networks

An alternate name and logo for Comcast SportsNet is known as NBC Sports Regional Networks.

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