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Collideascope logo

Collideascope Digital Productions was a Canada animation company that founded by Steven J.P. Comeau in Halifax, Nova Soctia in 2000.

Collideascope Digital Productions

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Logo: On a space background, we see the earth in space. then the earth gets destroyed, Then we see the Collideascope logo destroyed the logo, then the logo zooms in fast, and the text "Collideascope Digital" appears in the logo.

FX/SFX: The explosions, the blue ring and the flashing.

Sounds: explosions sounds and the kaboom.

Availability : Seen on "Olliver's Adventures" "Delilah and Julius" and some other produced shows.

Scare Factor: Medium to Nightmare!!!

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Collideascope Digital Productions logo (2001)00:04

Collideascope Digital Productions logo (2001)

Collideascope Digital Productions

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