Coke 1970s

This logo was first appeared in Coca-Cola cans in 1966. This logo also used on "Coke is it!" slogan and advertising campaign from 1982 until 1989. Also is used on the back of some Coca-Cola Vanilla cans.

Coke is it! (1984)

1966 Coke logo used for "Coke is it!" in 1984.



This logo was first used on Diet Coke and Cherry Coke logo in 1982. This logo was introduced on April 23, 1985 with the introduction of 'New Coke' to the United States of America. On July 10, 1985, the classic formula returned so the 'Coke' logos were reduced to secondary usage.


Coke logo

In 1987, the thin serif 'Coke' logo was replaced by a more substantial bold italic serif logo. The previous bold slab serif logo continued to be used.



In early 2003, the two 'Coke' logos were modernised. The slab-serif version became more rounded. The italic-serif version was replaced by a straighted thin version with more open counters. In the United States, the slab-serif version of the 2002 logo was no longer used beyond 2007. The slab-serif version is still used on the Vanilla Coke cans, though.



This logo is used for Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke logo.