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Coca-Cola Zero





North America
Coca-Cola Zero America
United Kingdom
Coca-Cola Zero International

Coca-Cola Zero was launched in 2005. Originally the logo varied from country to country. Above is the 2007 American logo and the 2007 United Kingdom logo.


Coca-Cola Zero

In 2009 Coca-Cola updated the logos and branding of its products. Now each country had the same style of logo which can be seen above.

Coca-Cola Zero logo

2015-present, 2015-2016 (United Kingdom)

In 2015 Coca-Cola, with the introduction of the #choosehappiness campaign in select countries in Europe, updated the logos and branding of the Coca-Cola products. The color of the dynamic ribbon was changed to match the logo color.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

2016-present (United Kingdom)


In 2016 Coca-Cola in the UK changed the recipe of Coca-Cola Zero, naming it Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and giving it a new packaging design.

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