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Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre


Cec 1977.2


Cec 1981.1
  • This logo was used in 1981-1991 Chuck E. Cheese's/Chuck E. Cheese commercials.


Cec 19812
  • This logo was on 1981-1991 Chuck E. Cheese commercials.

Chuck E. Cheese's (First era)


Cec 1984.1
  • This logo was in 1981-1991 Chuck E. Cheese commercials.

The words "Pizza Time Theatre" were dropped from the logo and it simply became "Chuck E. Cheese's". The "Chuck E. Cheese's" typeface from this logo continued to be used on the red derby of the animatronic and walk around Chuck E. Cheese characters until 1995.

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza


CEC 1989

The changes to the logo were a different font for "Chuck E. Cheese's" and the addition of the word "pizza" that was with the separate 1989-present logo in 1989-1995. Also, the font extending all the way to the chain's current logo was introduced for the first time.



Chuck E. Cheese's (Second era)



CEC 94 Prototype

In 1994, Chuck E. Cheese's introduced a new logo for their stores. This logo now features Chuck E. sporting a red long sleeved shirt with yellow circles, and a red/blue cap. It was used alongside the 2nd version until 1998.


CEC 94 Without Slogan

In 1995, the 2nd version of the previous 1994-1998 logo was introduced featuring a redrawn/more kid-friendly looking Chuck E. Cheese, now wearing a yellow colored log sleeved shirt with green lines, and a red and green cap with a yellow C on it, and the word "pizza" was dropped. Also, the name was reverted back to the one being used from 1984. This logo is still seen and used at some locations.


Cec 2004logo



In July 2012, Chuck E. Cheese's was given a rebrand, including a CGI makeover of Chuck E., and a new look. A new logo was created a year later to go with the design. The 1989-present separate logo as the 2012-present logo is still in 2017-present commercials.

Chuck E. Cheese Pizzeria & Games (Texas)



CEC current logo

In July 2017, a brand new Chuck E. Cheese's concept was introduced at the Selma, Texas Chuck E. Cheese's location. A new logo was added and up close it has a font similar to the old Pizza Time Theatre logo and the Rockstar Chuck head. They also took out the S and the apostrophe in the 1981-1992 and 2017-present separate logo and added in "Pizzeria & Games."