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Utv1973 Canal 9 1978 Canal 9 1975 1978 Canal 11 1991-1
1960-1978 1978-1980 1980-1984 1984-1991 1991-1993
Chilevisión 1993 Chilevision 1998 NoEffect Chilevisión 2002 Chilevision 2015-0
1993-1998 1998-2002 2002-2007 2007-2015 2015-present

Corporación de Televisión de la Universidad de Chile


The first logo consisted of a U next to a rectangle with rounded corners, and inside this were the letters TV, both in another typeface.


Canal 9 1978
With the arrival of color, in 1978, the new logo was a figure that simulated the outline of a television screen of the time and on this appeared an owl, something very similar to the emblem of the soccer club of the University of Chile.


Canal 9 1975 1978
The owl on a screen is changed by a purple 9 enclosed in a letter C of celestial color.

Universidad de Chile Televisión


Canal 11
With the frequency change from 9 to 11, the logo is a TV screen that encloses the number 11 formed by lines, below the letters says University of Chile Television.

Red de Televisión de la Universidad de Chile


The logo is 3 stripes, the first of red and the last two of blue, and on them the letters RTU white, with font November and sometimes, under the logo appeared the name "RED DE TELEVISIÓN UNIVERSIDAD DE CHILE" in Eurostile Bold typography.



Since the change of management, the logo is composed by its acronym CHV of golden color. These letters are united by a typographic ligature, which began from the bottom of the letter C, which extended through the center of the letter H and began to start the letter V in its upper left. Under it the word mark 'CHILEVISIÓN' in gold letters, capital letters and thick, with the big V and the rest small.


Chilevision 1998 NoEffect
The same, but it is in a blue sphere and the text disappears.


Chilevisión 2002
The channel logo is changed, the blue sphere is changed by a red circle with the acronym CHV in Helvetica typography, the V being the one in Helvetica Bold.


The same, but the circle becomes a sphere.


On January 1, 2015, the logo is changed, which consists of the acronym CHV of typography Myriad Pro inside two red moons simulating a circle. That is the first logo of Chilevision under the administration of Turner Broadcasting System.

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