Five logo 2002

These are the idents in Channel 5 from September 2002 until October 2008.

Ident Gallery

2004 Idents

On Monday 8th March 2004, the complete set of idents was replaced by these 8 below, featuring scenes at a fair, car boot sale and a car wash. These lasted until October 31st 2004.

November 2004 Idents

On Monday 1st November 2004 five introduced new idents that placed the 'five' logo in the idents, forming on pregnancy scans, being borne by leaf-carrying ants and in formations of swarms of midgies.

2006 Idents

The final set with this logo was launched on January 23, 2006, but didn't actually use the logo in them. Instead, various words connected to the ident were shown in the same font as the logo. The idents were created by BB/Saunders.

New versions of "fear", "free", "feel", "live", "rush" and "risk" idents came about in January 2007, with all the words replaced by "five". They refused to add new versions of "love", "easy", "play", "fast", "life" and "hope" idents, In 2008, the last 3 idents to be added before the new look on October 2008.