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Cartoon Network Studios is an American animated studio that creates shows, pilots, and shorts for Cartoon Network. It is also the production arm of the channel.


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Cartoon Network Studios (1996)



Cartoon Network Studios (2000-2001)

2001–2010 (official); 2001-2012 (on-screen logo)


Cartoon Network-studios 2001



Most storyboards up to the present still use this logo. It was also featured on the Clarence episode named "Pilot Expansion."


Cartoon Network Studios Ben 10 Race Against Time variant
It is only used on Ben 10: Race Against Time, the live-action movie based on the original Ben 10. This logo or variant uses the Fall ident of Cartoon Network, which coincides that the movie was aired during that era. Also it uses the 2004-2010 CN logo and does not have the word "STUDIOS" underneath the logo like the 1994-1996 logo.


Cartoon Network Studios logo
Cartoon Network Studios (2010 variant)

Gray Background variant

This logo was introduced on September 6, 2010 during the premiere of Regular Show. It shows the 4-note jingle used by Cartoon Network. The logo represents Cartoon Network's rebrand done by Brand New School.


Cartoon Network Studios 2013 logo

The 2013 logo debuted on Uncle Grandpa and season 5 of Regular Show.

The 2013 logo is a re-worked version of the 2001 logo, but with the full version of the 2010 checkerboard logo. The STUDIOS text is in the same font as the previous logo and is spaced-out (however, there were no white lines between letters like on the 2001-2010 (official) or 2001-2012 (on-screen) logo.

Its logo variants can have a sketch look, like on the 2001 logo, some objects or person in real life that are edited in the logo like in The Powerpuff Girls reboot variant, or a scene or clip from a pilot or an episode of a show.

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