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These logos were used on some Adult Swim shows and earlier Cartoon Network shows. It has many variants.

1995–1996 (What a Cartoon! variation)

It featured the 1992 Cartoon Network logo with the words "HOME OF THE TOP TOON STARS" displayed below. It takes place on a purple background.


On a pink background, we see the 1992 Cartoon Network logo with a yellow zigzag line on the bottom. Then, an object pops up on the logo. It has a pinkish/purplish and blue zig-zagged stick holding an orange oval with the word "PRODUCTIONS" on it. Sticks and eyeballs pop out of the CN logo. The zig-zagged stick wobbles through the remainder.


This logo was used on Cartoon Network shows that was created on 1997-1999. The elements were the same as the next logo, only the 1992-2004 Cartoon Network logo is shiny and larger, the SM symbol and Time Warner byline is black (it is because it takes place on a white background), a different SFX will play, and an animation is different (it will appear at the center of a Swirling Star logo of Hanna-Barbera logo and it also replaces the logo of the said company).


1999–2001, 2003–present

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It was used on Cartoon Network created shows from 1999-present. The elements are the same, but the 1992-2004 CN logo is smaller and in 2D/flat, the Time Warner/AOL Time Warner byline, and the SM symbol is in white (because in this logo, it takes place on a black background). The only element change/that is added is the rings from the Cartoon Cartoons (also called as a ripple by many) block, the change of music which is the closing theme of it (but without any CN character/s saying "Cartoon Cartoons" after the music is played), the parent company byline change which lasts from 2001-2003, and replacing the Service Mark with the Trade Mark (TM) symbol located at the right side of the 1992 CN logo starting in late 2014 (the variant first appeared on We Bare Bears pilot and used on later episodes of existing and future shows made from this period onwards, alternating the variant with the SM symbol on some episodes and later on they officially dropped the variant with the original symbol). On DreamWorks Dragons, it is still, the colors are reverted (the white boxes are the colors of the boxes of letters C, R which follows the A, O after the T, N on the rightmost above row, E, W, and R before K; the black one is the color of the background; when it comes to its text, the black becomes white and all the white letters are black), does not play the normal music but instead the credits music, and the rings do not appear. Also, the said byline and symbol is black like in the 1997-1999 logo. As of November 2016, it is used concurrently with the 2016 logo.

2013-present (Asian/Australian variants)


Like with the 1994-present logo, it has many variants.

  • On Animal Control Season 1 and Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Fog of Courage, the 2010 CN logo will display at the middle of the screen while playing the same music as the 1999 logo (US/international variant) but the rings will not appear behind the logo (it's because of the animation of the formation of 2010 logo before it displays on-screen). The copyright information is displayed below.
    • In case of Animal Control Season 2, the word "CARTOON NETWORK" is not displayed, just only the abbreviation and the copyright information is in a different font. The Cartoon Cartoons music will not play.
  • On Bill and Tony, the same situation will happen but it takes place on a white background and does not play the music, just like Animal Control Season 2 variant. The copyright information reads "(Copyright symbol) 2015 TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM ASIA PACIFIC ,INC." instead of the normal Cartoon Network copyright notice just like any other CN shows (in-credit or in production logo). Later on, it has no byline.


  • Some logos of the 1994-present logo and this one resembles Nickelodeon Productions but the CN logo does not come on many different shapes and objects as Nickelodeon did.


This was used on many Adult Swim shows after the Williams Street Productions logo. It features the skull with the 1992-2004 Cartoon Network logo as its teeth and later on added the copyright information.


On a white background, we see the 2004-2010 CN logo in Japanese letters, which later changes into the English version of it. Below the logo features the Time Warner byline (the same font as the 1997 and 1999 CNP logos). The sound is a wooden flute theme followed by people shouting in Japanese. It sounds like they are saying "See ya!" Only appears on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and its DVD version.


CNP 2016 logo
Cartoon Network - Generic Endtag Logo (2016)00:04

Cartoon Network - Generic Endtag Logo (2016)

On a blue background, a black square (the C square) rolls like a dice and the white square (the N square) dashes in and they merge. They explode and form the 2010 version of the 1992-2004 logo. It plays the retro four note of the 2010 CN jingle. It will change into a white background after the above situation happens. It first appeared on a Regular Show episode "The Key to the Universe" and may appear on later episodes or seasons of existing CN shows and its future shows. It is used concurrently with the 1999 logo. Video is on the right side.

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