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Logo Variations

1991 (Pre-launch)




Character ID's (October 1, 1992-June 13, 2004)

Checkerboard ID's (October 1, 1992-July 15, 1997)

Powerhouse ID's (July 16, 1997-December 31, 2004)

Note: The Red color was replaced by black/dark blue, because most old TV sets from the 90's could not adjust well to the red hue back then.

2004-December 31, 2011 ID's

City/Yes Era (June 14, 2004-June 1, 2007)

Note: This era was also used in:

Latin America/Brazil (January 1, 2005-August 6, 2010)

UK and Ireland (April 11, 2005-May 24, 2007)

Asia Pacific (October 1, 2005-December 5, 2008)

Australia and New Zealand (August 16, 2005-August 31, 2008)

Summer 2007 Era (June 4-August 31, 2007)

Note: The CN logo had different font in most bumpers from this era.

Fall Era (September 1, 2007-July 13, 2008)

Pesky IDs (Circa 2007)

Noods Era (July 14, 2008-May 28, 2010)

New Wave Era (August 31, 2008-October 1, 2011)

Arrow Era (2009-September 26, 2010)

Note: The Summer idents are from Cartoon Network Spain as the Spanish version's website URL can be seen.

Toonix Era (August 6, 2010-December 31, 2011)

CHECK it ID's (May 29, 2010-present)

CN Idents 2010

Other ID's

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