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Carls Jr 1985

This still can be seen at some remaining locations.


Carl's Jr. 2006

In 2005, Carl's Jr. was rebranded again with "Charbroiled Burgers" on the logo. Still appears on various locations for the time being.


Carl's Jr. 2017
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With the rise of the latest series of ads with the fictional Carl Hardee Sr. on March 29, 2017, the face on the logo was removed and retired the tagline Eat Like You Mean It. The red background and "Charbroiled Burgers" were also removed. The Slogan Is Now Pioneers of The Great American Burger, as the chain was going fresh on its burgers and abandoned its previous long-lived series of ads since 2005, starring various models (prominent ones being Paris Hilton, who is also a singer, and Kate Upton, who had also originally starred in commercials for the hit massively multiplayer online free-to-play mobile game Game of War: Fire Age), thanks to major controversy.

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