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Canale 5 formed in 1974 as a local TV channel set in Milan, hence the name Telemilano. The first logo had a snake-like shape called the "Biscione", an icon of Milan, Italy, where the network is headquartered. The logo also had a flower, which the tongue of the "biscione" is eating.


Telemilano 1978

The logo was modified, replacing the green color with black for the snake and red for the flower.

Canale 10



Around 1979, Telemilano expanded its transmission on the Center and South Italy under the identification of Canale 10. The logo was modified, replacing the number 58 with the number 10.

Canale 5


Canale 5 logo 1980

Canale 5 launched in 1980 nationwide through a union between Telemilano and 8 other local TV channels in Italy.The logo was modified again by simply replacing the number 10 with the number 5.


Canale 5 logo 1982

Only a year after the previous tweaking of the logo, it was again modified, as the number 5 was enlarged.

Canale 5's logo use was somewhat inconsequential in the early 1980s, with several versions of the logo in use a the same time. From 1984 in conjunction woth the next logo.


Canale5 1985

The logo dropped most of the shapes forming the "biscione" but maintained the number 5, the flower, and the "snake head". While Canale 5 dropped the use of the snake, Mediaset continues to use the snake, using just the head part of the snake as its symbol.


Canale 5 logo 1986

The logo dropped the box, leaving the 5, the "head", and the flower.

On 8 April 1996, the screenbug started using the MEDIASET word below the logo. Starting from 19 June 2000, the logo is transparent.


Canale 5 logo

The logo was again modified in 2001, which saw the logo adopt dark blue as its new color and the flower becoming orange. the snake head was also modified, but it was only five years later in 2005 wherein the modified snake head would be adopted into Mediaset's logo. The number 5's shape was also modified.


Canale5 2018

Yet another revamp was given to the logo, integrating the snake head into the 5 itself, now resembling the number 5, and along with the flower, the 5 was also given a new shade of blue.