Canal Comunitat Valenciana


CCV logo

The channel was launched in the 1990's as Canal Comunitat Valenciana. Its logo symbolized a satellite dish formed from three letters: CCV, its abbreviation.

Televisió Valenciana Internacional


TVVi logo 2005 1

In May 2005, the channel changes its name to Televisió Valenciana Internacional[1]. This logo features the Televisió Valenciana logo, adding it the letter i. The colors in the letter V symbolized the Valencian Community flag, which features these colors.


TVVi logo 2005 2

Later, on October 9, 2005, Valencian Community day, Radiotelevisió Valenciana suffers a major rebrand on its TV channels, specially Canal Nou and Punt 2. The TVVi logo stayed the same, but it's colors changed. The grey was replaced by black and the letter V loses its yellow triangle and is now red.

Canal Nou Internacional


Canal Nou Internacional logo 2010

On September 9, 2010, Radiotelevisió Valenciana and its companies suffer a another major rebrand. The logo was changed to the Canal Nou one, adding it two shapes in the sides.