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Calvlogo Calvcon Calverton Connection 2009 Calverton Connection 2015
1997-2003 2003-2009 2009-present 2015-present

Calverton Connection (first era)


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This logo was used on the 'Barton Buses' livery, even though, it was red & cream.

The Calverton Connection



Calverton Connection got new buses, the buses are now fully red and the name has changed to The Calverton Connection, buses running every fifteen minutes from Nottingham > Arnold > Calverton, and back 'round.

Calverton Connection (second era)


Calverton Connection 2009

The name returned after six years of adding the word, 'the'. It got new buses, and the colour of the bus is now black, and green, after being red for over a decade.


Calverton Connection 2015

The colour remained being the same, but, the 2009 logo was still used. They were the same buses from 2003, which were repainted, one of them still had the old 'Trent Barton' logo visible.

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