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Rsz 1rsz cbc logo 1940-1958

This logo was also used on Radio-Canada from 1940 to 1958.


Rsz cbc logo 1958-1966

This logo was also used by Télévision de Radio-Canada during the same time period that it was used by CBC Television.


CBC Logo 1966-1974

This logo was used at the beginning of color programming aired on CBC Television. Their symbol was the CBC Butterfly, which was CBC's answer to the NBC Peacock.


420px-CBC Logo 1974-1986

This logo debuted during the final month of 1974, and it is known as "The Gem", or often called "The Exploding Pizza".


CBC Logo 1986-1992

The logo has been single-colored and the blue circle around it was removed.


CBC Logo 1992-Present

In November 1992, a simpler version of the previous logos was adopted.


CBC Television


CBC logo

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