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Budweiser Light



Bud Light


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Bud Light logo


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In 2009, Bud Light was given a new look, complete with a new slogan, "Here We Go." Still used alongside the following logo for Bud Light Chelada.



A slightly redesigned version of the 2009 logo was introduced in 2013, with a brand new typeface, along with the slogan, "Up For Whatever". While no longer used for the flagship brand or Bud Light Lime products, it is still used in Canada, even U.S. produced variations such as Bud Light Mixxtail and Bud Lite Platinum, as well as Bud Light Chelada alongside the preceding logo.


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A new look for Bud Light was first revealed December 2015, and officially debuted during Super Bowl 50 during its Super Bowl ad. This is reflected in the similar can design, which coincides with Budweiser's current can design. This is also the first can in 15 years to reintroduce the "AB" crest, which has been absent on previous Bud Light cans prior. The logo itself is a retaux to the 1984 logo.

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