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Sn brussels


SN Brussels Airlines merged with Virgin Express to launch Brussels Airlines. The original stylised 'b' was made up of 13 circles, this was later changed to 14, due to the number 13 considered unlucky in many parts of the world.

Brussels Airlines


In January 2010, Brussels Airlines introduced a new logo which was created by Sophie Ohman. This new logo starts out with the initials BA, which then makes the outward shape of the letters a circle, representing the globe. The white space in the center is in the shape of a plane, symbolising travel. The colour palette was inspired by the flag of the Brussels-Capital Region. This wants to somehow connect the airline to its geographical origin and culture, but that changes the blue hue so that the colours can also be seen as representing the sun and a clear sky, what many people look forward to on a holiday. 

The new logo was launched on January 10, 2010.

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