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Bravo 1980 Bravo logo 1999 Bravo 2002 Bravo TV
1980–1994 1994–2002 2002–2005 2005–present


Bravo 1980

Bravo launched as a commercial-free premium channel devoted to films and arts programming on December 1, 1980, owned by Rainbow Media (at the time, a division of Cablevision, until it was spun off into AMC Networks in 2011).


Bravo logo 1999
Not your everyday... every day on Bravo Network

In 1994, Bravo introduced a new Compacta typeface logo, and a new slogan "The Film And Arts Network". Around this time, Bravo (by that point, now a basic cable channel) began adding PBS-style underwriter sponsorships, before becoming an advertiser-supported channel in 1998.


Bravo 2002

In 2002, the background behind the Bravo logo was removed.


Bravo TV

In January 2005, Bravo was re-branded with a new logo and the tagline "Watch What Happens", reflecting its shift towards pop-culture and reality programming and to compete with Travel Channel, TruTV, E!, and Food Network.

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