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January-March 1911

Boys' Life first logo

April-September 1911

Boy's Life logo April 1911

September 1911-July 1912

Boy's Life logo September 1911

August-October 1912

Boy's Life logo August 1912

November 1912

Boys' Life logo November 1942

This logo is the prototype version of the December 1912 logo.

December 1912-November 1918

Boys' Life logo December 1912

February 1918, November 1918-December 1919

Boys' Life November 1918

This logo was previewed in February 1918 and officially debuted in November 1918.

January 1920-June 1926

Boys' Life 1920

July 1926-March 1934

Boys' Life 1926

April 1934-August 1936

Boys Life 1934

September 1936-March 1940

Boys Life 1936a
Boys Life 1936b

The black version of this logo was the only one in use by 1939.

April-June 1940

Boys Live April 1940

July-September 1940

Boys Life July 1940

October 1940-February 1945

Boys' Life 1940

March 1945-December 1949

Boys Life 1945

January 1950-December 1962

Boys Life 1950

January 1963-December 1965

Boys Life 1963

January 1966-August 1970

Boys Life 1966

September 1970-December 1974

Boys Life 1970

January 1975-June 1977

Boys Life 1975

July 1977-December 2001

Boy's Life logo 1977

This logo is the longest-running Boys' Life logo, and was used for thirty-four years, from July 1977 until December 2001.

January 2002-present

Boy's Life logo

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