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April 1, 2000–June 1, 2014; 2001-2006 (Latin America)


Boomeraction was a block on Boomerang which ran action-adventure kinds of classic shows on the channel, Super Friends being an example. It was introduced when Boomerang was introduced as a full-featured channel on April 1st, 2000, and was notable for having a fast-paced futuristic theme with mind-blowing graphics which had a microscope look through all action figures from the shows that the block aired, "TV-on-TV" elements, and had a robotic voice. From June 1st-2nd, 2014, because various shows that used to air on the block were, one-by-one, removed from the channel, the block was no longer active after June 2nd, 2014. This block was one of the Boomerang blocks not only active in the U.S., but also Boomerang channels outside the U.S.

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