Bob's was founded in 1952 by the American Brazilian tennis champion Robert Falkenburg.

The first logo was consisted by a cup of ice cream with cherries.



The first change of its logo was basically formed by a stylized lettering.



A new and more consistent lettering was added by a pattern of thick and thin stripes.


The logotype from the former logo gained a straight and curved contour. This logo worked together with the 1970s logo in its first years in advertizing.

1988- mid-1990s


In the first phase of the brand, the logo kept the stripes from the former logo, maintaining a greater consistency and extending the pattern to more applications on its branding, principally on packaging. It lasted until mid-1990s, where it began to be only working with the main logo itself.



This is the biggest change on Bob's logo, created at its 50th anniversary. It was included a cartoon-ish style and addition the colors blue and yellow (what leads slightly to Burger King's logo, which, one decade later, became its latest major competitor in the Brazilian market). During all the existence of this logo, all its stores had the sign 'Bob's Burgers' on its facade, with the intention to internationalize the brand. This logo was used in advertising for older stores until 2016.




Identidade 2009 (1) - Logo

This change was part of a maintenance of the 2002 identity, called 'Atmosfera Impacto'. In this rebrand, it was emphasized aesthetically the presence of Bob's milk-shakes in its stores, which became the flagship for its ice cream division, changing its name to 'Bob's Shakes', instead of 'Bob's Sorvetes'.



Created by Tátil Design de Idéias, the same design agency responsible for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics logo, it has a texture developed using potato stamps craft. From this rebrand, the name 'Bob's Burgers' is no longer used on its stores.

The rebrand was introduced in May 2014, with gradual insertion in some stores with exclusive advertising and packaging over the months. However, it only began to be applied globally in advertising and social media shares in April 2015, with the campaign "Vem se lambuzar no Bob's" (Come to smear at Bob's).