Bliss logo06

Bliss replaced The Amp in March 2006. It aired popular beloved blissful music, unlike the pop songs on the other radio channels. The logo was gold with a shiny brush handwriting detail and a roughly drawn strip underneath.


Bliss logo
In 2008, CSC Media Group relaunched Bliss after it became unavailable to watch for a few months. The logo was white with a blue tinted outline and separated letters.

2012–November 2015

Bliss tv logo
In 2012, a volunteer posted to the media company about developing a new logo for Bliss. The logo kept the fading baby blue but there were a few copyright issues with this logo, as it looks too similar to the logo of a popular breastfeeding brand. In November 2015, Bliss was losing popularity and wasn't making enough money to stay up so the company had to be shut down.