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Ben 10

2004 (Concept only)

Ben 10 Concept (2004)


Ben 10 logo

This is also used on episodes 40-42 or first three episodes of season 4 in production and chronological order (44-46 on Cartoon Network airing order) of the series named Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix and the live action movie Ben 10: Race Against Time. The only difference is it takes place on a space background, does not feature the picture of Ben Tennyson, the logo is on the Omnitrix symbol, and has an additional title (the word "Secret of the Omnitrix"). For the live action movie, it has a word "Race Against Time", the 10 is in yellow color and the word "Ben" is green with less yellow at the bottom portion of the text. It is also used on all Ben 10 shorts, but it is on the portion of the Omnitrix where the alien silhouttes are (except the Road Trip Rumble).

Classic Ben 10


Classic Ben 10

In 2016, Ben 10 was renamed Classic Ben 10 to differentiate from the 2016 reboot.

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