Beezid is a penny auction site originally created in June 2008 by Max Bohbot in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. However, it wasn't until late 2009 when its site would finally roll out with its first commercial, with former E! personality Charity Winters as its spokeswoman (however, as of this commercial, which has been airing since mid-2012, the spokeswoman was changed to actress, model and dancer Casey Gagliardi). It was infamous for being called by many a scam because of the penny auction system, where the shopper needs to get a set of bids for a price. It was also criticized for the fact that they would charge $75 upon joining Beezid without any knowledge nor with any form of notice. As of September/October 2016, despite the actual site still online, its main features currently suspended indefinitely. The status on whether it's still operating or not is currently unknown.