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Battle for Dream Island (Season 1)


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Battle for Dream Island Again (Season 2)



After The finale for season 1 of Battle for Dream Island. Season 2 was planned later this 2012, and the title for Season 2 was Battle for Dream Island Again (BFDIA). The first episode was uploaded on Youtube at June 29, 2012. Apparently, there was only 5 episodes so far and Episode 6 (BFDIA 6) was never uploaded or finished causing it to be cancelled or putting up a huge delay to the show. Cause since the creators were focusing on their school finals and their Youtube Channel "Jacknjellify"' did got their adsense removed from YouTube allowing them to mainly make it go on a much bigger delay. On May 2016, Michael and Cary Huang (creators of BFDI(A)) did announced on their Twitter and one of their Periscope streams that BFDIA 6 is being worked on and will be released around the Summer 2016. It was also announced on a month later (June 2016) from Michael on his Twitter and Facebook account that their "Jacknjellify" YouTube channel's adsense is now back and reinstated. Causing them to go back to make videos, also still higher chances of BFDIA 6 coming out later this summer though. There was a video on the "jacknjellify" YouTube channel titled as "BFDI is Back" that BFDIA would come back on September 1, 2016. But when the time came, it came from surprise that it was actually a whole season of BFDI(A) titled as "IDFB (Island Dream From Battle)". According to the "jacknjellify" YouTube banner on his YouTube Channel, it was confirmed to be Season 3, which means that BFDIA 6 was wiped out from Season 3 of BFDI.

The "Battle for Dream Island Again (BFDIA)" Logo is more basic then the original Season 1 logo. It lacks gradient color filling, and the outline is boldly and large with the colors being Yellow and Orange with the Season 1 logo being Green and Blue, and the Season 2 logo having the word "Again" below with a different font.

IDFB (dnalsI maerD roF elttaB) (Season 3)


IDFB logo HQ
Also known as It's Deep Fried Breaths.

Battle for BFDI (Season 4)



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