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BankUnited logo


BankUnited logo 2011

After BankUnited collapsed and was seized by the government in 2009, it went through a period of reconstruction. It could return to the stock market on January 28, 2011. This was celebrated with a new visual identity, created by Pentagram.

The old palm tree logo was associated with Florida, and as the company planned expansion outside the region, a completely new logo was created.

"The existing BankUnited logo featured an illustration of a palm tree that attached the company to Florida. The new bank plans on expanding to markets beyond the region, and the designers have created an abstract symbol called “the bridge,” based on the curving forms of the letters B and U. The icon is inspired by the causeways of Miami, but also represents a bridge between south and north, local and global, today and tomorrow, now and the future. The identity captures the aspirations of both BankUnited and its customers." - Pentagram

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