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CTV 31 (Cinema Television)


CTV 31 (Cinema Television) Logo ID 1993
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On October 31, 1993, Radio Mindanao Network became the second radio-based network to launch a TV station called CTV-31. It is also the first UHF station to be inspired by the format of a cable movie channel.

E! Philippines


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On September 2000, CTV-31 leased the entire channel blocktime and changed its name to E! Philippines and limited its broadcast from 6pm-12mn. However on June 1, 2003, RMN had to cease their operations on TV due to financial constraints and poor television ratings, but continued elsewhere.

BEAM Channel 31



Recently, After 8 years of being silent in Metro Manila and Antipolo, Rizal television, on July 3, 2011, UHF 31 returned its operations as a test broadcast. The station (along with other RMN-owned UHF stations nationwide) was occupied by Broadcast Enterprises and Affiliated Media, after the latter bought up the acquisition by Bethlehem Holdings, Inc. (funded by Globe Telecom's Group Retirement Fund) from RMN. And as the first broadcast TV operations under new ownership.

On September 1, 2014, Jack City is no longer broadcast on this network. However, Shop TV has been replaced.