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BBC2 logo 1964 BBC2 colour logo 1967 BBC2 logo 1973 BBC 2 logo 1974 BBC 2 1979 Ident
1964-1967 1967-1970 1970-1974 1974-1979 1979-1986
BBC Two 1986 logo 3 BBC2 logo 1991 BBC Two 1997 BBC Two 2001 BBC Two
1986-1991 1991-1997 1997-2001 2001-2007 2007-present

BBC2 (first era)


BBC2 logo 1964
The launch of the channel was delayed by a day by an infamous power failure in Central London.


BBC2 colour logo 1967

The first official colour channel in the UK launched on UHF in 1967, and with it came a brand new ident.

The logo revolves like the BBC1 globe ident used at the time.


BBC2 logo 1973
The font on the word "COLOUR" has changed.


BBC 2 logo 1974


BBC 2 1979 Ident

In 1979 BBC2 launches the first ever fully computer generated ident in the world, let alone the UK - three years before Channel 4's flying blocks.

BBC Two (first era)


BBC Two 1986 logo 3

BBC2 (second era)


BBC2 logo 1991

As part of an extensive rebrand to cast off BBC2's 'highbrow' tone, on 16th February 1991, Lambie-Nairn launched a brand new set of idents which lasted 10 years until they were replaced in 2001. For the first time a corporate logo scheme featuring the 1988 BBC logo was employed across all of the BBC's services. The rebrand did work, and although the programming was exactly the same as before, the perception of BBC2 by the public shifted from 'highbrow' and 'stuffy' to cool and trendy.

BBC Two (second era)


BBC Two 1997

On October 4, 1997, BBC Two got a new look created by Lambie-Nairn.


BBC Two 2001
In November 2001, the logo was boxed. The idents were changed for the first time in 10 years; the '2' symbol stayed the same, but it was given a pair of arms and a personality. The BBC added to the roster of 4 idents over the years.



A new logo arrived on February 18, 2007. The typography has changed from Gill Sans to Avenir and the box has changed its colour from violet to teal. The blade '2' has been slightly altered, it is now more squat than before.


1991-2007, 2014, 2015-present

BBC Two symbol 1991

Used from 1991 to 2007. From 2001-2007, the 1991 2's has replaced the white 2, and the few idents has a robotic arms. To celebrate its 50th birthday in 2014, BBC Two brought back many old idents, including the 1991-97 and 1997-2001 set of idents featuring the '2'. In 2015, the 1991-2001 set of idents and stings were brought back on a more permanent basis.


BBC 2 Numeral

On 18 February, 2007, the '2' was slightly redrawn. From 2015, this '2' is used only on promos end-boards.

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