The Third Programme


BBC radio 3 old logo


BBC Radio 3


BBC R 3 1985


RADIO 3 (April 4 1970)

Like its sister channels, this logo was introduced on April 4th 1970.


BBC R 3 1982

BBC R 3 1978a

Bbc1 radio wogan nov1978d

New BBC Radio logos were introduced in 1975, with the numeral of the station and the name of the station inside it. This example was taken from a BBC promotion where the logo was overlaid onto a radio set, hence the lines behind the logo.


BBC R 3 1989


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In 1991 a shift to corporate identity began, and BBC Radio received new logos. The 'BBC Radio' logo was shown on the top, with the numeral and the word of the number both shown underneath. Here is Radio 3's version.


BBC Radio 3 logo 90s

In 1995, BBC Radio 3 received a new logo, but still using the same logo template as before. At the same time, the other four stations had their logos refreshed slightly to be more simpler. The numerals were made clearer, the word of the number of the station was removed, the colours of the logos were adjusted to be slightly darker, and finally the frequency and 'FM' text in the bottom right of the logos were removed.



Introduced in October 1997 which saw all departments, brands, and channels of the BBC using the same logo typeface and layout, with a view on saving costs with colour logos. The personality of the brand was conveyed in other means. This version includes the frequency, but the logo was also used without it.


BBC Radio 3 2001

However BBC Radio decided to break away from this style and introduced new logos for its national stations in 2001, with the rest of the BBC would soon follow suit. This Radio 3 logo portrays the art aspect of the station.


BBC Radio 3

In 2007 BBC Radio decided to create a more unified look for its stations by putting the numeral in a circle, with the 'BBC Radio' logo to the top left of this. Here is Radio 3's version, the top part of the '3' is a bass clef.