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BBC Cymru


BBC TV Bat's Wings Cymru

BBC tv Wales


BBC TV 1961 Wales

BBC Cymru BBC Wales

late 1960s

BBC 1 Wales late 1960s
Image from

early 1970s

BBC 1 Wales early 1970s

BBC Cymru Wales


BBC 1 1974 Wales


BBC 1 1981 Wales

BBC Wales

The 'Cymru' was dropped because of the launch of S4C.

1982-1985, 2015

BBC 1 1982 Wales
BBC 1 1981 Cymru

In 2015, an HD remastered throwback variation was used preceding Wales in the Eighties (2015) on BBC One Wales.

BBC1 Wales


BBC 1 1985 Wales

BBC Wales on 1


Bbc1 wales closedown1992b

First version of the logo used between 1991-94.

BBC 1 1994 Wales

Revised logo used from 1994-97.

BBC 1 1996 Wales & West

A special ident for coverage of the opening of the Second Severn Crossing on 5 June 1996.

BBC One Wales


BBC One Wales 1997

On October 4, 1997 BBC One Wales has got a new look to coincide with the new BBC logo.


BBC One Wales 2002


BBC One Wales 2006

On October 7, 2006. BBC One Wales changed logo.

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