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BBC One 2006

These are the BBC One Christmas idents from December 1967 until the present day

1967 (The Christmas Pud and Snowflakes)

1968 (The Giant Snowflake)

1969 (Christmas in Colour)

1970 (The snowflake Tinsel II)

1971 (The Snowflake Tinsel III)

1972 (Christmas Colour)

1973 (The snowy Carol Singers)

1974 (The Snowflake Tinsel returns)

1975 (The Snowflake Tinsel Returns II)

1976 (The rotating Snowflake)

1977 (The rotating Christmas Pudding)

1978 (The rotating Santa Head with 2 faces)

1979 (The Rotating Christmas Carolers)

1980 (The Ice Skaters)

1981 (The Globe Ornaments)

1982 (The spinning Snowflake)

1983 (The neon spinning snowflake)

1984 (The spinning Snowmen and Snowwomen)

1985 (The Red Robins)

1986 (The Cartoon Tree and his group of Marching Holly)

1987 (Spinning Christmas Decorations)

1988 (A Partridge in a Pear Tree)

1989 (The COW Spinning Top)

1990 (Pop-up Book)

1991 (Virtual Moon)

1992 (The Toys)

1993 (In the North Pole)

1994 (The Snowmen and the Christmas Present)

1995 (Star on a Tree)

1996 (Gift Box)

1997 (The 12 Days of Christmas)

1998 (The Red Bauble)

1999 (The Balloon and Father Christmas)

2000 (Christmas Balloon)

2001 (Christmas Toys)

2002-2003 (Kid Snowflakes)

2004 (Kids on Christmas Puddings)

2005 (Kids and the Christmas Tree)

2006-2007 (Snowball)

2007 (Penguins)

2008 (Wallace and Gromit's Runaway Sled)

2009 (Doctor Who)

2010 (Christmas Lights)

2011 (Consider Yourself One Of Us)

2012 (It's Showtime)

Sometimes the idents featured the characters from UpShrek and The Princess and the Frog.

2013 (Have A Wonderful Christmas)

2014 (Christmas Trees)

2015 (Sprout Boy)

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