Australian Made is a trademark logo made to signify goods that were made, grown, manufactured or caught within Australia. The logo comes on products which have been entirely or mostly made within the nation. Many products can also use the phrase 'Made in Australia' or 'Australian Made' and some products show the national flag, provided the entirety of the product is sourced from and made in Australia. A similar system to this is Ausbuy, but the Australian Made mark is more used and trusted by consumers.



In 1961, the Associated Chambers of Manufacturers in Australia launched a national campaign under the name 'Operation Boomerang' which encouraged companies and the public to buy product that are locally made. This included an icon to be featured on Australian products.



Ausmade originalkanga

The mark was created in 1986 by Melbourne-based Ken Cato.


Australiamade SymbolOnly

In 2007, the symbol was refreshed; notably by rounding the triangles edges and smoothing the kangaroo figure. The icon was also bundled with new phrases specifying the type of product.


AustralianMade 2016
Thirty years after the logo was first utilised, the Australian Government announced an updated version of the logo which adds a yellow meter below the logo. Under the old system, products had to made in Australia to receive certification, but there was no mandate specifying the origin of the product's ingredients. The bar in the updated version shows what percentage of ingredients used in the product originate in Australia.The new regulation for the symbol's use is as follows:
  • The kangaroo symbol is reserved for products which have been made, grown or in some way created in Australia.
  • The bar is used on products which contain any ingredients originating in Australia, indicating the percentage of locally-sourced ingredients. The kangaroo is exempt if the product was made or grown overseas.
  • Both the kangaroo and bar are removed if the product is completely sourced from overseas. Even if the product is packed in Australia, the logo doesn't apply.

The changes were applied from July 1 2016 onwards, with a phase-out process for the original icon.