This article is about the Australian public broadcaster that was established in July 1932. For the Television channel, see ABC (Australian TV channel)


Abc 1965 ABC 1975 ABC Australia logo
1965–1975 1975–present 2001–present

Australian Broadcasting Commission


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The ABC was established in 1932, but didn't start using the first Lissajous curve until 1965.


Abc 1965
The ABC lissajous curve was created by Bill Kennard, then introduced itself in 1965.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation


ABC 1975

This thick version of the logo was first created in September 21, 1974, but however, it didn't go on-screen until March 1, 1975. The logo was also changed to an "over and under" design, but looks more bold. Starting in 1988, the idents were updated. The original set of idents were titled "Natural Textures of Australia".


ABC Australia logo

To coincide with the future in digital television (Thanks guys here at the ABC), In May 3, 2001, the well known, current, CGI logo was first commenced.