Athlon 1999-2005

The original Athlon chip started being produced in mid-1999. The "original" Athlon architecture consisted of two generations: Classic and Thunderbird (T-Bird for short). Production ended in 2005.

Athlon XP


Athlon XP 2001-2005

In 2001, AMD released the 3rd generation of the Athlon chips, called as the Athlon XP. "XP" meant to be "extended performance" and also as an unofficial reference to Windows XP.

Logo hasn't been changed a lot; only that they've added the XP text at the bottom.

Athlon 64 (X2)


Athlon 64 2003-2007

Athlon 64 is the succesor of the original Athlon chip and the Athlon XP, which competed primarily with Intel's Pentium 4.

2006- 2013

Athlon 64 2006-
Athlon 64 X2 2006-

AMD announced the newer logos for the Athlon 64 family. Currently, Athlon 64 chips are still produced, but it's glory is now taken over by the Athlon II.

2013 - present

AMD Athlon logotipo

Athlon II


Athlon II 2009-

The Athlon II is the sucessor of the Athlon 64 and is aimed at a mid-range budget.