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Asda Queens


ASDA Queens 1965 logo

ASDA was formed in 1965 by the merger of Asquiths and Associated Dairies. The merged company was named ASDA Stores Ltd. ASDA purchased the GEM chain in the same year and rebranded the supermarkets 'ASDA Queens'.





ASDA 1970 logo

In 1970, the logo had a 'wave' added to the wordmark.


ASDA 'A' logo 3

In 1981, the 'Wave' and the wordmark were combined together in a rhombus shape as seen above, however it was sometimes in a rectangular shape as well. The 'Asda Orange' was now used with a dark blue in signage and advertising. 


ASDA 1985 logo v1

The familiar green 'Asda' logo was introduced in 1985. The counters in the two 'A's were originally coloured, the right 'A' counter was always red but the left 'A' counter was either yellow or blue. 


ASDA 1985 logo v5

In 1994, the logo was slightly recoloured and the coloured counters were removed.


ASDA 80s

In 1999, the logo was redesigned, the lettering was altered slightly, and the 3D effect shadow increased in depth. The 1994 version continued, in use on television advertisements.


Asda 2003 logo

In 2002, the three dimensional effect was removed, in favour of a two dimensional logo, but the colour green was retained. 


Asda logo
In 2008, the Asda logo became a brighter green.


Asda 2015

In January 2015, Asda announced stronger branding references to parent company Walmart. The changes included the addition of the 'spark' to the top left corner and the addition of the slogan "Save money. Live better." This slogan is also used by its parent company Walmart.

ASDA 2015 Slogan


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