Family fortunes monkhouse 1980a-small

Family Fortunes began in 1980 with Bob Monkhouse as the host. The first logo was the dot matrix board lit up to spell out the words 'Family Fortunes'.



In 1987 Family Fortunes was revived with new host Les Dennis. In his first series, the traditional board, called Mr. Babbage, was replaced by a then state of the art screen in addition to a new set.


Familyfortunes 1989a-01

From Les Dennis' second series the screen was replaced by an LED board, not the similar 1980 to 1985 board which was dot matrix. The LEDs allowed the board to remain visible when the studio lights were darkened. The logo was for the first time an electronically generated graphic comprising of gold coins each with a letter from the words 'Family Fortunes' embossed on it, the set was slightly changed with one of the two words being behind each of the families podiums.


Family Fortunes Logo 1

In 1990, Family Fortunes received a new look. The logo was now a large 'F' with a smaller 'F' within, 'AMILY' written in large Arial etters with 'ORTUNES' written in Gill Sans Bold in smaller letters beneath. The logo had a gold finish. The set was entirely changed to a more modern set which was grey and blue with some pink.


Family Fortunes 1990s Logo 4

In 1995 Family Fortunes received a new look, and with it a new logo which features five 'Eggs' which also appeared in a new title sequence. The letters were of a block type and were underlined, the 'M' in 'Family' has a bow tie on it, presumably representing the 'Dad' of the 'Egg family'.


Family Fortunes 1990s Logo 5

In 1998 Family Fortunes received a new cream/gold set. The title sequence and the logo were amended to remove all blue elements.


Family Fortunes 2001

In 2000 the set was recoloured blue, the titles sequence and logo were both completely changed. The logo now consists of a curvy font with the two 'Fs' in Family Fortunes being upside down pound signs.


Family fortunes 281002a-small

Another new look was introduced in 2002. Some panels were changed on the set. The logo and title sequnce have again changed. The logo is now made from Kabel Bold letters. Les Dennis quit as host during one series this year due to the programme being changed into a daytime programme with lower prizes. Andy Collins presented one last series before it was cancelled completely. The logo continued to be used in marketing such as the first DVD game.


Logo family

Family Fortunes was revived in 2006 as an 'All Star' celebrity version.



The logo was updated in 2007.

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