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ATV Turkey Logo (1993-1998)

ATV Turkey was launched in July 1993. It did not began broadcasting until September 1993.


ATV Turkey Logo (1998-2006)
ATV Turkey Logo (1998-2006) (2)

Alternate version of the logo

ATV Turkey started using a new logo in November 2, 1998. This logo remained in use in 8 years until it was discontinued in September 2006


ATV Turkey Logo (2006-2010)

On September 4, 2006, ATV Turkey introduced another new logo which was created by Istanbul-based Dreambox. NPO 1, NPO 2 and NPO 3 alongside STV Belarus and Ren TV Russia were also rebranded the same day.


Atv logosu
In August 2010, ATV Turkey went on-air with their current logo