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American Telephone and Telegraph Company


Bell System hires 1889 logo

The first Bell logo introduced when the company was founded by Alexander Graham Bell.


Bell 1900 logo

The words "Local and" and "Bell System" were added onto the logo. 


Bell 1921 logo

First use of the "Bell System" branding. Local versions of the logo include the name of the regional "baby bell" companies at the top of the circle with "American Telephone & Telegraph Co." at the bottom.


Bell System 1939

The words from the ring from the 2nd logo stayed the same, and the Bell System font was modified and the hook from the bell was changed.




The words American Telephone and Telegraph Co. were removed from the ring and the "And Associated Companies" were moved to the bottom of a new wordmark in a different font (the words under it have the same font on it) saying the abbreviated name of the company, AT&T.



This is the final version of the bell logo, designed by Saul Bass. The words "And Associated Companies" were removed from under the AT&T wordmark. The bell logo was redesigned and recolored blue, and the wordmark was placed under it. The bell logo would continue to be used by the seven "baby bell" companies spun off of AT&T as well as Western Electric Company.


AT&T logo 1983

In 1983, the text remained but the bell symbol was replaced a globe with lines on the left side of it that seem to make a segmented circle. This logo is nicknamed the "Death Star" logo.


AT&T 1996

In 1999, the globe was given seven stripes instead of eleven.


AT&T 2000

In 1999, the 2D logo was given a 3D effect. The older version was also used alongside this logo.

2005–2016, 2005-present (secondary)

AT&T 2005

On November 21, 2005, a redesigned version of the 2003 logo was introduced as a result of SBC's acquisition of AT&T Corp.; SBC was thereafter renamed AT&T. The font at the bottom of the logo was changed and made lowercase as well. This logo was nicknamed the "Marble" logo. Interbrand was behind the rebrand. This logo is still used on their website. In 2011, AT&T's trademark 4-note symbol started being added at the end of every single commercial.


AT&T 2016

On December 2, 2015, AT&T updated its globe logo for the first time in ten years by having the white and blue colors on the globe trade places, making the stripes blue and the circle white, similar to the final AT&T globe logo used before SBC's acquisiton of the original AT&T Corporation and name change to AT&T, Inc. The wordmark was changed as well, this time from lowercase to uppercase.

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