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American Movie Classics


AMC logo 1987


AMC 1993

From the late 1980s to 1995, AMC used a logo either one filled diamond (for use in the acronym-only version of the logo) or two filled diamonds stacked over one another (used in the logo with the channel's full name at the time "American Movie Classics").


AMC 1996


American Movie Classics




AMC rebranded itself in October 2002, with a new on-air look by Trollbäck & Company. The channel got a new logo and a new tagline, "TV for Movie People". The full name of the channel was essentially dropped in the process. In 2007, the 2002 tagline was dropped.


AMC 2013
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On March 31, 2013, the logo was modified with the letters (slightly redrawn) now inside a filled rectangle. The channel also introduced a new tagline, "Something more." AMC was also brought to Latin America in 2014 and the UK and Ireland in 2015, initially featuring the above logo.

AMC Rolls Out 'Something More'


AMC logo 2013

On April 9, 2016, AMC changed the background of its logo by making it a black and white logo.

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