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ABC For Kids original logo ABCKids-1- ABCforKidsLogo-1- Abc4kids ABC Kids 2015
1991–2001 2001–2009 2009–2011 2011–2015 2015–present

ABC For Kids (First era)


Abc for kids late 90s early 00s.fw
ABC For Kids original logo

Originally, ABC for Kids was a daily time slot on ABC, it showed different varieties of shows for children. The logo features an Apple for A, a Bee for B and a Carrot for C.

ABC Kids (First era)



This logo was introduced on 1 July 2001. This logo was used for children's television of ABC TV and the ABC Kids channel that aired alongside Fly TV. After the ABC Kids channel and Fly TV were closed on 30 June 2003, ABC Kids began to show more shows for older children during the after school timeslot.

ABC For Kids (Second era)



In 2009, the channel was renamed ABC For Kids and changed their logo to a 3D render version of the 1991 logo. This logo appears to be made in the 3DS Max software. The channel was also expanded to ABC2 as ABC For Kids on 2.

ABC4 Kids



ABC4 Kids was relaunched as a part-time preschooler's channel in 2011, sharing bandwidth with ABC2. The logo is similar to sister channel ABC3's logo. It was featured with coloured variants in red, green, and blue. All children's programming that featured on ABC was moved to either ABC4 Kids or ABC3.

ABC Kids (Second era)


ABC Kids 2015

The ABC Kids name was revived on March 2, 2015, coinciding with the launch of a new ABC Kids iView app. The new logo is a modernized version of the ABC For Kids logos from 1991 and 2008.

The new identity was developed by Australian brand agency Hulsbosch.

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