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ABC 57




American Broadcasting Company Logo
In 1962, graphic designer Paul Rand redesigned the ABC logo into its best-known (and current) form, with the lowercase letters "abc" enclosed in a single black circle.


ABC logo 2007
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In time for the new television season in 2007, ABC rolled out a new identity package with a new tagline and a new interpretation of their logo. The new slogan, "Start here" (used until 2010), was presented at the upfronts in May. The slogan aimed to position ABC as a multi-platform brand, which can be watched on television, as well as on a computer or a mobile device.

In the new graphics package, the ABC logo would always appear in 3D as a shiny black disc. There were also multimedia icons developed were the ABC lettering was replaced symbols for mobile phones, computers, television screens and portable media players. The new design created by Troika Design Group was used from September 22, 2007 until May 29, 2013. Despite this, it still remains in use by plenty of ABC affiliates' logos.


Abc 2013 logo dark grey

In 2013, ABC modified their 2007 logo. This logo first appeared on the all access website, featured in trailers for 2013–2014 programs. The new logo first appeared on May 30, 2013. Designed by Loyalkaspar, it is inspired by Paul Rand's original 1962 design.

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