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ABC TV (first era)


Abc tv -1956
On the night of November 5, 1956, ABN-2 began transmission in Sydney. This was the first logo seen on-screen.


ABC 1965

In 1963, the ABC TV diorama was changed to an ABC squiggle. Starting in 1996 and 1999, for television idents and signposts, this logo was modified into a variant of the logo.


ABC 1975

In March 1, 1975, with the introduction of color TV, the squiggle logo was modified with a thicker line to feature color in the logo. The previous logo was resumed in July 2014.


With the introduction of digital TV in 2001, ABC TV modified its 1975 logo, this time giving the logo a 3D metal design, and losing the "over and under" design from the previous logo.

With the 70th anniversary celebration of the ABC in July 2002, ABC TV once again modified the 1975 logo by reverting to the "over and under" design, but keeping the 3D silver color.

The channel's idents featured elements - fire, leaf and ice, and the slogan was updated to Everyone's ABC until 2005. The idents also featured the silver ring that morphs into the ABC logo.



ABC1 (logo)

In February 2008, ABC TV was renamed to ABC1 to keep in line with the other digital channel ABC2.


ABC1 logo 2011

In February 2011, ABC1 modified the 2008 logo, as well as a new slogan, Think Entertainment.

The aim of the rebrand was to communicate that ABC1 isn't only a source of news and current affairs, but also a channel for entertainment. For Example: Drama, Lifestyle, Comedy and Light Entertainment.

ABC TV (second era)


ABC1 renamed itself to ABC on 20 July 2014, to re-use the 1975 squiggle logo. The change was accompanied with a new slogan: #ourABC. The logo came in a range of colours and also features gradients at the logo's overlap points, simulating a drop shadow.


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