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Arts & Entertainment Network 1984 Arts & Entertainment 1986 A&E 1987 A&E Network 2004 A&E 2008
1984–1985 1985–1987 1987–1995 1995–2008 2008–present

Arts & Entertainment Network


Arts & Entertainment Network 1984

A&E was formed in 1984 through the merger of ABC-Hearst's ARTS and RCA's The Entertainment Channel (at the time a sister network to NBC).

Arts & Entertainment Cable Network


Arts & Entertainment 1986

This was the last logo used under the "Arts & Entertainment Cable Network" branding. In 1987, the channel became known as simply A&E. The channel even survived during the acquisitio of RCA (and NBC) by General Electric.



A&E 1987

This Logo was adopted around 1987.

A&e time well spent

Circa 1990s A&E Became a Slogan "Time Well Spent"


A&E Network 2004

In 1995, the 1987-2008 logo was amended, modified and most noticeably the ampersand was made over.


A&E 2008

A completely new logo was launched on May 26, 2008.

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