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CSG Imagesoft


Csg imagesoft

CSG Imagesoft was established in January 1989 in Los Angeles, California as a video game subsidiary of the Japanese record label CBS/Sony Group (CSG). The company originally produced games for Nintendo and Sega consoles.

Sony Imagesoft


Sony Imagesoft

With the takeover of the CBS half of the company by Sony in January 1991, CSG became Sony Music Japan. In April 1991, CSG Imagesoft was renamed Sony Imagesoft and became part of a new North American division called Sony Electronic Publishing.

Sony Interactive Studios


Sony Interactive Studios

In July 1995, Sony Imagesoft was merged into Sony Computer Entertainment and renamed Sony Interactive Studios. From this point the studio developed games for Sony's own newly-launched PlayStation console. Sports games were released under the Sony Interactive Sports brand.

989 Studios


989 Studios

Sony Interactive Studios was renamed in April 1998 to 989 Studios. The name came from the street address of the building the studio was housed in the time (989 East Hillsdale Boulevard). At the same time, the sports brand was renamed 989 Sports and was continued to be used until 2005, after the studio was closed in April 2000.

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