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150px-Television 4 Logo Television-4-me-logo
September–December 2011 2011–2016

Television 4

September–December 2011

150px-Television 4 Logo

When launched in regional areas on 18 September 2011, the channel was known as Television 4.

TV4ME (2011–2013)/4ME (2013–2016)



When Television 4 was launched in metropolitan areas in December 2011, it was renamed TV4ME. The channel was later renamed 4ME in 2013. The channel logo throughout this period remained the same.

On 30 April 2016, 4ME was closed in the regional areas and replaced with a feed of ishop tv. On 18 May 2016 4ME closed in metropolitan areas.

TV4ME - 30 Second Promo Ident (2012)00:30

TV4ME - 30 Second Promo Ident (2012)

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