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One HD logo One logo 10 Boss 2018 10 Bold 2018
2009–2011 2011–2018 October–December 2018 2018–present

One HD


One HD logo

Ten HD was replaced by One HD and it began transmission on 26 March 2009, an all-sports channel. The slogan was Sport Lives Here. The channel broadcasts on channel 1, with a high definition simulcast on channel 11 and a standard definition simulcast on channel 12.

One SD (2009–2010)

OneSD logo

When One HD was launched, a standard definition simulcast known as One SD was broadcast on channel 12. One SD's logo was an altered version of One HD's logo with the "HD" branding removed. One SD was replaced with a high definition simulcast (formerly on channel 11) as channel 11 was reallocated for Ten's new multichannel Eleven.



One logo

On 7 May 2011, One HD underwent a major rebranding, changing its name to One and a new logo was introduced when the channel expanded its contents beyond sports-only. The new logo was designed to mirror the logo for One's recently released sister channel Eleven. The slogan has been changed to It All Lives Here.

10 Boss

October–December 2018


10 Boss 2018

On 31 October 2018, Network Ten rebranded to Network 10 and subsequently rebranded One to 10 Boss. The change brings One inline with the wider 10 brand.


10 Boss 2018 (stacked)

On 5 November, the main logo changed slightly following a complaint from Fairfax Media, claiming that the logo looked too similar to the logo of Australian Financial Review's BOSS magazine. The "Boss" name was ultimately short-lived, lasting for a little over a month.

10 Bold


10 Bold 2018

On 10 December when the network ended its dispute with Fairfax Media, already merged to become Nine, 10 Boss was quickly renamed 10 Bold. Network 10 announced the move itself through a tongue-in-cheek press release and gave the "Boss" name to Nine to insist that "it's better to be bold than bossy".