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On 14th April 1990, Československá televize started a test transmission of OK3, channel broadcasting on former frequencies of Soviet television for occupation armies. OK3 was broadcasting programmes from famous satellite channels of that time, most often from TV5 Europe, MCM, La Sept, CNN and RTL plus. OK3 is short for Otevřený kanál 3 (Open channel 3 in Czech).

In 1992, Česká televize began broadcasting on frequencies of ČTV and OK3. From that date, OK3 began broadcasting more news programmes and also repeats from ČTV and F1.




On 1st January 1993, OK3 became ČT3.

On 1st January 1994, ČT2 began broadcasting on frequencies of ČT3. From 1st January 1994 to 4th of February 1994, ČT2 broadcasted on two sites of frequencies, its own and on that of ČT3.

On 4th February 1994, TV Nova began broadcasting on frequencies of ČT2, so ČT2 began broadcasting on frequencies of ČT3 and ČT3 officially ended.

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