Åhléns logo in Åhléns City (Stockholm, Sweden)


Åhléns logo 1985

On September 21, 1985, all Tempo stores around the country changed their name to Åhléns.[1] The new logo was created by Landor Associates.


Åhléns logo

Another redesign of Åhlens was done in 1998, this time by Stockholm Design Lab. The red colour was kept, but the name was written in all capital red letters. The "Å" in the logo can be used separately to symbolize the brand.

The Åhléns chain was for some time owned by a company which was also called Åhléns. To reflect the fact that the concern owns Kicks (since 2002) and Lagerhaus (since 2004), it got a separate identity and changed its name to Axstores on October 1, 2010. This made Åhléns one of several subsidiaries in a group.